Smart, funny, Jewish-themed gear

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Our Shpiel

We make smart, funny, pride-instilling emblems for mythical (or are they?) Jewish groups. You can order them on t-shirts, aprons, button, notecards, and a host of items, all available via our online store.

Jewnion Label started with the desire to recognize unsung “Jewish handymen.”  Joshua spent his teen summers doing maintenance on apartments for his grandfather’s property management company. In the process he gained a lot of handy skills: rebuilding toilets, installing garbage disposals, rewiring lights, snaking bathtubs, and the like. 

“It’s not just the Marines who are the few and the proud,” Joshua often mused, “there ought to be a union for us Jewish handymen.” So he designed the iconic logo for the mythical Union of Jewish Handymen, with overlapping hammers in the shape of the Star of David. Together we devised a few more flourishes and the slogans “Repairing the world one light bulb at a time” and “Rare are those who are able.” (Perhaps not so rare; Union of Jewish Handymen gear is one of our best sellers.)

The other Jewnion Label lines grew from there, and we’re always working on new designs. Our logos owe a nod of appreciation to vintage emblems from social clubs, fraternal organizations, and trade groups, which we admire for their idioms and graphic design. But also, we note that in medieval times European Jews were often denied access to trade guilds, so there’s some poetic justice in Jewnion Label “rising up” (see the logo for the International Order of Challah Makers) and celebrating our customs, quirks, holidays, and traditions. We hope you enjoy using your Jewnion Label products as much as we enjoy making them. 

Stacey and Joshua Abarbanel
Santa Monica, California