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International Order of Challah Makers


• Baker of the weekly bread
• Can distinguish between rapid rise, active dry, and fresh yeast
• Annual experience with making round challot
• Ability to braid from the middle
• Experience with implementing the “French toast” pull


This design salutes challah bakers and lovers everywhere. The slogan, “My heart is in the yeast,” is a punny homage to Yahuda Halevi’s beloved poem My Heart is in the East. Rise up!

CHYMN OF PRAISE (With honor and apologies to Yehuda Halevi)
My heart is in the yeast, and I hold but a single crumb.
How can I taste wheat and have it be pleasing to me?
How shall I dine on pumpernickel and rye, while
The memory of your sweet egg dough still lingers?
It would be easy for me to take leave of all other breads
As it is precious for me to behold your golden glory.