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International Association of the B'nei Mitzvah

B'nei, also b'nai:  Hebrew, Children (of), plural of "bar" and "bat" as in "bar mitzvah" or "bat mitzvah." The literal translation of "bar/bat mitzvah" is “son/daughter of commandments” so "b'nei mitzvah" is "children of commandments."

You nailed your Torah portion, recited your drash, and wrote all your thank you notes (well, two out of three ain’t bad). Mazel tov, you are officially a member of the International Association of the B’Nei Mitzvah, and we are so proud of you! Encircling this logo is the phrase “Checks, Hugs, and Torah Scrolls” (think Ian Dury), while below (and on the back of selected items) it says, “Revel with a cause.”