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Associated Jewish Outdoorsmen

Schlep: Yiddish, to pull, drag, or lag behind.

With this design we salute you Jewish outdoorsy types. Above an idyllic campsite is the phrase “How beautiful are your tents and campfires,” a reference to a phrase in the book of Numbers, “How beautiful are your tents, O Jacob.” Around the logo repeats the phrase, “Schlep, S’mores, Sleep, Repeat.” Isn’t that the essence of camping?

Jewish Outdoorswomen, we haven’t forgotten you!


The Associated Jewish Outdoorsmen’s Non-Definitive List of Jewish Trees

  • Acacia (widely understood to be the wood used to build the Tabernacle)
  • Cedar (traditionally planted at the birth of a boy; may be the “gopher wood” used to build Noah’s ark)
  • Citron (its etrog is used during Sukkot)
  • Cypress (traditionally planted at the birth of a girl; may be the “gopher wood” tree used to build Noah’s ark)
  • Date Palm (one of the Seven Species; the unopened frond is part of a lulav)
  • Elder (as in respect yours…)
  • Fig (one of the Seven Species)
  • Juniper (for the ancient Jewniper, obviously)
  • Myrtle (part of a lulav; the Hebrew word hadassah means “myrtle”)
  • Olive (one of the Seven Species)
  • Pine (what Jewish mothers do for their grown children who have moved out)
  • Pomegranate (one of the Seven Species; has long been a Jewish symbol of fertility)
  • Spruce (what you do to your house before Passover)
  • Willow (part of a lulav)