Smart, funny, Jewish-themed gear

With this design we salute you Jewish outdoorsy types. Above an idyllic campsite is the phrase “How beautiful are your tents and campfires,” a reference to a phrase in the book of Numbers, “How beautiful are your tents, O Jacob.” Around the logo repeats the phrase, “Schlep, S’mores, Sleep, Repeat.” Isn’t that the essence of camping?

This design is a Purim special! The top slogan, “Reaching for the mun” is a punny reference to the classic poppy seed filling, while below it says “This is how we roll.” We think Esther would approve.

Also for Purim:
Purim Shpielers & Squealers Society

Purim players and grogger grinders alike will delight in this emblem that salutes the menschen of the Megillah. Let ‘em know you’re loud and proud with the seal that proclaims “Shake Rattle & Roles”. Around the masks of comedy and tragedy (look closely atop their heads) repeats the names Mordecai, Esther, Vashti, Ahasuerus, and Haman. Selected shirts are backed with the phrase “…and that’s the whole Megillah”.

Are you a Jewish mother? Have one? This logo design is for you! The center features icons representing the chief concerns of Jewish mothers: a sweater (so you’re warm enough), a place setting (so you’re well fed), and a phone (so maybe you’ll call once in a while?). Surrounding the emblem is the phrase “Worrying about tomorrow today” and across the bottom it says “Women of Valor,” referencing the reverential Old Testament poem, “A Woman of Valor.”

A salute to handy Jewish women! The phrase “Repairing the world one light bulb at a time” references Tikkun Olam, the imperative to repair the world, winking at those for whom bulb changing is a big deal.

This design salutes challah bakers and lovers everywhere. The slogan, “My heart is in the yeast,” is a punny homage to Yahuda Halevi’s beloved poem My Heart is in the East. Rise up!

You nailed your Torah portion, recited your drash, and wrote all your thank you notes (well, two out of three ain’t bad). Mazel tov, you are officially a member of the International Association of the B’Nei Mitzvah, and we are so proud of you!